Here are some questions you might have along with some answers


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If you have any questions regarding Far West PETS that are not answered below please contact your District Governor Elect or the PETS Registrar.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are costs higher for Friday and Saturday? PETS runs from midday Friday to midday Sunday. Your Friday/Saturday registration prices include your event registration, supplies and meals as well as your hotel guest room, either shared or single. If your travel arrangements make it necessary to stay over on other nights the cost is exclusively for your hotel guest room - no other paid events or meals are scheduled for you as part of the PETS program.

Do I need to register for both Friday and Saturday? Yes. The program requires your attendance from Friday through Sunday.

How do I get a private room? Your online registration is multiple screen pages. On the first page you provide most of your personal information and then Select Options (lower right of the page) to continue to page 2. There you will have the option to select either shared room or private room. Private rooms are limited  and most participants will share a room. It's a great opportunity to grow your network of friends and it saves money for your club. When single rooms are all claimed you must register for a shared room, but you can put your name on a waiting list for a single that might become available later - just make a note in the special requests field on the next screen.

Do I have to pay when I register? No, you may opt to send a check, however if you selected a single room it is not reserved until payment is received. If the supply of single rooms is exhausted your unpaid single will go back in the available pool and your registration will change to shared. Most registrants pay by charge at time of registration and then seek reimbursement where available. Clubs typically reimburse at least the basic registration fees for Presidents-elect.

Do I need a code on the payment screen? Presidents-elect do not need a code. District representatives will be offered a code to bill the district for basic registration, and staff will be offered a code for a complimentary discount. If you have a code it is not transferrable to other participants. After entering the code be sure to apply it to reduce the balance due directly from you.

Can I stay at a different hotel? All PETS participants stay at the event hotel, the DoubleTree San Jose Airport. Scheduling is tight and does not allow sufficient time for commuting to and from an offsite hotel. Your guest room is included in your event registration and no reduced prices are available for not using the provided guest room.

May I bring my spouse or partner? PETS is a business session for Presidents-Elect; sorry, we are not able to accommodate partners.

I lost the invitation email that was sent to me. What shall I do? Contact the registrar.

I need to change something on my registration. How do I do that? The Event Runner registration system does not allow you to return to your record to make changes. Contact the registrar for assistance.

Are there rooms for the handicapped? Yes.
Are special meals available? Yes. On screen 3 of the registration form enter any special requests including special dietary needs and we will determine in advance what can be done to accommodate you.
I am diabetic and need to keep my medication refrigerated. Please indicate that special need in the special comments section on screen 3 of your registration form. We will request that the hotel provide in-room refrigeration suitable to that purpose.
Where can I store my luggage while checking in? Keep your luggage in your car when you arrive, if you are arriving by alternate transportation, luggage service will be available.

Where do I check in on arrival? Start at the PETS registration desk. If you arrive on Friday then after the PETS registration skip the hotel registration and start directly into the program. Hotel staff will be cleaning the rooms and working with registration staff through the afternoon to get your keys assigned and issued. PETS staff will bring your keys to your district meeting Friday afternoon. There will be time after that session to go to your guest room before the evening sessions begin.
SURVEYS-Several surveys will be conducted to evaluate subject matter, instructors and the overall event. We appreciate your assistance in responding so that we may continue to improve Far West PETS.
PRINTED PROGRAM- The printed program gives you the time and location of the entire PETS schedule, as well as a map of the DoubleTree facility. You are given a Group Letter (A-P) which designates which class you are with the entire weekend. Your Group Letter is on your name badge.

Event Guide - An electronic event guide is available for use on your mobile device. The guide features a complete schedule, information about keynote speakers, the DG line of all nine participating districts, the faculty, the PETS Committee, link access to surveys and more. Instructions will be distributed to participants with the registration invitation.
NAME BADGES- Please wear at all times. The name badge has a letter which designates your Training Sessions location and schedule - found on the front pages of the printed program. Additionally, all of your meal tickets will be included with your name badge in the registration packet.
HOSPITALITY SUITES- The district hospitality suites are open Friday and Saturday evenings, after the dinner sessions. For the location of your district's suite, check the printed program.
INFORMATION and EMERGENCIES- If you have any questions, an emergency, or need help see one of the Sergeants-At-Arms.
TRAINING SESSIONS- You will attend six Training Sessions plus three sessions with your District.  You will be with the same group for all six training sessions. Your group will include your Assistant Governor, other Presidents-Elect from your Area within your district as well as AGs and PEs from other districts. Each training group has been assigned a letter (A-P). The letter is on your name badge and there is a schedule of which room each group goes to for each session in front of the printed program. The sessions with your District are also listed in the printed program.  Optional high value classes will be offered Friday and Sunday mornings. Registration for those classes will announce the available subjects.
MEAL TICKETS- Make certain you present your meal tickets to the Sergeant-at-Arms at the entrance to meal events. All meal tickets should be included in your name badge holder.
PHOTOGRAPHS- Photos for your District Directory are being taken all day Friday and Saturday morning. These may be used for your district's directory. Please wear business attire for your photograph. Look for signs at registration and lobby directing you to the photographer's location.
CERTIFICATION- Upon your completion of 2017 Far West PETS, you will receive a certificate of completion presented at your last session.
HOTEL CHECK-OUT- For a rapid checkout on Sunday, use the check-out program on the T.V. monitor in your room.