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Dear 2018-2019 Rotary Club Presidents,
We come to Rotary from different families, communities, our professions all of which gives every Rotary club its uniqueness. That is what will make PETS weekend special for all of you as you mix with many different folks from around our Rotary world. The friendships that will be formed will last way beyond the year you serve as President. This networking is an awesome experience.
You will take what you learn and experience here and use it in many different ways to make your club a better one. The new ideas you bring back to your club will help stimulate new thinking by your club Board of Directors and by your members.
You have the opportunity to hear and meet some of the best speakers Rotary has to offer. Take with you what they have to say, think about their message and carry that with you during the next Rotary year.
You will meet Rotarians that have traveled far and wide doing the good work that Rotarians do. They have done some awesome projects that were hands on and some that provided the funds necessary to make dynamic changes in the lives of many. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from them and bring back new ideas to your club.
Networking is one of the most valuable experiences you have at PETS. Talk with other Presidents Elect, find out how they fundraise, how they plan to organize their meetings and learn how they utilize the Board of Directors. Get to know your Assistant Governor and find out how they are ready to help you during the year you serve as President.
You will attend classes that are taught by experienced faculty who welcome your comments and ideas. You will learn what works as a President and all the newest ideas that come from Rotary International. Take to heart what you learn this weekend. It will help you lead a vibrant club in the coming year
But most of all have FUN.
Ken Courville
General Chairman
Far West PETS 2018