Webinar Content
The LIVE sessions for the Webinars listed below have passed.  Each of them were recorded and are available for you to view at your convenience.  The PowerPoint slide decks used in them are also available for you.  Both the recordings and the slide decks are listed on the right column of the Far West PETS Home Page.
Leadership in Action
Public Image/Brand
The Rotary Foundation
Explore new perspectives on leadership as you embark on what can be the best year of your Rotary experience leading your club in 2020- 2021. Join this one hour webinar to kick start your club president journey and be ready for President Elect Training Seminar in San Jose, California March 6-8, 2020.
How does a Rotary club president help its club and members improve the club's public image and brand?
Join this one hour webinar to discover that "Brand" is part of everything we do and has a direct impact on the success of your club.
Determine actions that you as president can take to strengthen your club and learn about resources and ideas that you can share with your club leadership team to create pride for your members and greater awareness of your club in your community.
As an incoming Rotary Club President, what does “Grow Rotary” mean to you?
This webinar contains valuable information to improve member retention and grow your club! You will learn how to 1. Discover your current Club Culture; 2. Evaluate your Club Rotary Brand Experience; and, 3.
Enhance engagement of your members. Additionally, you will both discover valuable resources and meet people who are willing to assist you! Please join us for this one-hour session specially prepared to help you to lead and grow your club!
Please join this 50 minute TRF webinar specifically designed to prepare Presidents Elect for Far West PETS. During this informative session, we'll provide a quick 15 minute recap on the fundraising portion of Our Rotary Foundation, common acronyms, TRF recognition points and pins, as well as a quick review of District and Global Grants. Additionally, we'll go online to review just where and how to retrieve important club TRF reports. We'll allow sufficient time for Q & A.  Should be fun!