Smith Bio
Sidney Smith
Rotary Club of Elk Grove, California, USA
District 5180

Welcome Presidents 2023-2024. FarWest PETS is a great opportunity to get together with other Presidents in your region. Saying yes to Rotary means that you get to go places you never would have gone, meet people you never would have met, and do things that you never would have done. #gomeetdo

Enjoy your connect time at FarWest PETS and developing your Rotary story! 

As 2023-2024 Governor of District 5180, my team and I have the honor of serving you. I live in rural Elk Grove and I have been a Rotarian since 2002. I joined the Rotary Club of Elk Grove after visiting as a guest speaker.

I have served in numerous capacities with the Rotary Club of Elk Grove  As President, I discovered the power of collaboration. As Area Governor, I learned the power of team. You’ll have your own chance as you’ll be tasked with serving your members and community. Your role as President will prepare you for other opportunities should you choose to serve. The power of collaboration at club level also gives you global impact. As a for instance, I became a mentor in our clubs mentor program. The program prepares students from grades 8-12 for life after high school. The focused time with other Rotarians working in concert with a goal drew us closer as friends. Today my closest friends come from the cohort of Rotary mentors. 

Personal life: I am a Southern California transplant since 1983. I was a collegiate athlete and have a communication studies degree. After college, I relocated to Northern California. I spent nearly two decades in the transportation industry as an executive with United Parcel Service. 

From 2001 to 2017, I worked for the local church. My first staff meeting was Tuesday September 11, 2001. In 2002 I became a Rotarian and my life changed forever! 

I worked in radio for two decades, also coached high school football in Elk Grove for two decades, and currently do Public Address Announcing for high school games.  Other interests include travel, photography, music programming and an Israeli martial art called,  Krav Maga!  I have four kids, two grandchildren and two dogs.