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All Presidents-Elect and Assistant Governors will be assigned a letter designating their classroom group. Each group will include participants from multiple districts and will match Assistant Governors with all of the Presidents-Elect from their AG Area. All groups will be scheduled to take all six core classes.
  • GREAT LEADERS LEAD!    What makes a great leader and how your leadership skills will impact your year as president? 
  • ON BEING PRESIDENT   sharing thoughts for becoming a "memorable" president and methods to assist you in your term of office.
  • BUILDING YOUR TEAM    Key points in building your leadership team and dealing with conflict
  • BUILDING  AND SUSTAINING YOUR CLUB     Retaining your members as part of Priority #1!
  • THE PRESIDENT AND THE ROTARY FOUNDATION   The president's role - encouraging your members in foundation participation..
  • STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS    Deploying YOUR strategies
In addition to these classes that are attended by all President's Elect and Assistant Governors, we have Elective sessions where participants can choose from a menu of options. At this time we anticipate offering sessions in:
  1. Membership – Attracting and retaining members - ideas clubs are using today to bring Rotary’s “Voice” to your community.
  2. The Rotary Foundation, Resources for Presidents - Going online to access and manage Foundation resources for your club's needs.
  3. Managing Risk – What are the fiduciary and insurance  risks a president needs to know?
  4. Youth Protection - What are the policies and practices a president needs to know?
  5. Managing a Large Club – What issues are unique to leading a large club of 125 or more and ideas for larger clubs presidents.