Virtual Preparation
Preparation for a relaxed, entertaining, and educational President-elect Seminar
About the Event
PETS begins with kickoff event at 3 pm on Friday afternoon March 5.
and ends with a bang Sunday March 7 at 12:15 pm.
In between, there will be -
  • Two other general sessions with speakers you don’t want to miss
  • Four educational sessions working in breakouts with PEs outside your area
  • Plenty of social time including the House of Friendship and Rotary Vendors
  • Something special from D5000 Hawaii, it’s a surprise
  • Time with your incoming DG to tie it all together
Optional electives are available the following weekend, March 13 and 14,
two one-hour courses each day.
In the days before the event, all registrants will receive an on-line program with all the links.
The links are straightforward – links and times – everyone has the same information.
This year, YOU control the venue! 
Here are some steps you can take in advance to maximize the overall experience.
About Zoom:
Most of the program takes place with Zoom.
Zoom works best if you have a personal account set up completely before PETS begins
Learning goes best when you are comfortable and focused
Plan the working space and conditions in advance
  • Laptop or desktop computer recommended
    • Working webcam, microphone, speakers
      • Tablets and smartphones may be less than fully satisfactory
      • Optional headphones minimize need for muting
      • Check out all equipment leaves time to get help if needed
  • A working place without distractions
    • A comfortable chair and desk/workstation
    • Writing instruments and paper
    • Favorite snacks available in abundance
    • Favorite daytime beverage for classes, evening beverage for socials
    • Airplane mode highly recommended for your smart phone during classes
Virtual meeting etiquette
  • Most live zoom sessions are being recorded.
    Turn off your webcam if recording creates a problem.
  • Keep yourself muted except when planning to talk
  • TIP: The keyboard SPACE BAR turns the mic on when held down. (Press to talk)
  • Review the chat feature and use for private sidebar conversations
  • Understand the Raised Hand feature that is frequently used to solicit comment
This event is all about you, the incoming President in a time of great change
  • During PETS: Please be there 100% and really listen