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Starting Friday Morning at 10:00 AM, you will have a choice of one of the following Value-Added Electives courses:
Note: Elective sessions are not optional in terms of attendance; the option is which class you will attend.
  • Meet Resource leaders from Rotary International—you have support!  An opportunity to meet three Rotary International staff members —working in the areas of membership, public image, and The Rotary Foundation. You will have a chance to hear about their work at Rotary Headquarters, how they can support you and your club, and time for questions from you!
  • Engaging young professionals in your Rotary club:  Discuss opportunities and obstacles to attract and engage young professionals in Rotary.  Bring your successes, ideas, and questions to share and leave with some new insights and action steps!
  • Building and Motivating your Club Leadership Team: Discuss what roles you need to fill in your Rotary Club’s leadership team, how to build this team, develop, and inspire the team in the coming year.
  • Use Rotary’s New Flexibility for Your Club:  Discuss how clubs have successfully used corporate memberships, family memberships, alternative club formats, and other flexibility to better serve members and strengthen their club.
  • Meaningful Rotary Meetings!: Tips to help make your club meetings relevant and fun.  Bring your own ideas to share!
  • Keep Your Rotary Club out of Trouble—Risk Management for Club Presidents:  As the CEO of your Rotary Club, join this in-depth discussion of the basics of legal, accounting and insurance issues.
  • Small Clubs:  Is your club under 15 members, and you would like to connect with other small club presidents elect to discuss your unique challenges and opportunities?  Join this session to share ideas, and discuss how to get the most out of the Far West PETS experience from a small club standpoint.
  • Caring for Your Members:  Helping members build relationships and knowledge that leads to meeting expectations of being a Rotarian.  Learn about orientation and mentoring programs that already exist that you can customize for your own club, share and hear other ideas for success in creating connections and satisfaction for your club members.

The Core Breakout Sessions everyone will be attending:
For the core sessions, all Presidents-Elect and Assistant Governors will be assigned a letter designating their classroom group. Each group will include participants from multiple districts and will match Assistant Governors with all of the Presidents-Elect from their AG Area. All groups will be scheduled to take all six core classes. In sessions 1, 3 & 5, AGs will meet separately and designated large clubs will group together.  Session 6 will have special breakouts for small clubs and for large clubs. In sessions 2, 4 & 7, all will attend in district groups rather than by letter designation.  
  • Breakout #1   Increase our Impact: Our team will facilitate discussions with you and your peers to come up with some ideas and strategies that might ‘Increase Your Rotary Club’s Impact’.  During the session, we’ll all share ideas and strategies on how you as the incoming President of your Rotary Club can ‘influence’ others to Increase the Impact of your Rotary Club within your local community as well as possibly doing good elsewhere in the world.
  • Breakout #2   District Sessions:  Presidents-elect and Assistant Governors meet with their District Governor.
  • Breakout #3   Expand our Reach: Our team will work with you to foster some good ideas for you to take back to your Club Boards and leadership to consider implementing during the term 2020-2021 with your members.  Specifically we will help Presidents-Elect identify methods they can adapt to coordinate their club goals with Rotary's goals for Expanding Our Reach for Membership, Brand and The Rotary Foundation.  Also, Presidents-Elect will discuss and share ideas that they can use to achieve the following:
    • creating new channels into their Rotary club
    • growing and diversifying their club's membership and participation
    • increasing their club's openness and appeal
    • generating methods to increase their club/area's impact and brand
  • Breakout #4   District Sessions: Presidents-elect and Assistant Governors meet with their District Governor.
  • Breakout #5   Enhance Participant Engagement: Our team will help you and discuss
    • Identify why engagement is important
    • Discuss challenges and issues in the engagement of members
    • Utilize a proven technique to assist you in engaging members in Rotary, Motivational Interviewing
    • Generate new approaches for increasing engagement
  • Breakout #6   Increase Ability to Adapt: You will discuss and identify ways to adapt and implement new ideas and gain momentum in your Rotary Club. You will also learn to utilize the design thinking brainstorming method  to generate creative ideas within you Rotary Clubs
  • Breakout #7   Your Leadership Plan:  Having completed all of the core courses, you will reconvene with the peers from your district and your District Governor to generate your personal leadership plan, setting goals and milestones to achieve success.