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These are the classes from 2019 PETS and are subject to change, however you can get an idea of what will be offered.
All Presidents-Elect and Assistant Governors will be assigned a letter designating their classroom group. Each group will include participants from multiple districts and will match Assistant Governors with all of the Presidents-Elect from their AG Area. All groups will be scheduled to take all six core classes. In sessions 1 & 5, AGs will meet separately and designated large clubs will group together. In session 6, all will attend in district groups rather than by letter designation.  Additionally, there will be daily meetings between the Presidents-Elect and their respective District Governor-Elect.
CORE SESSIONS - All presidents-elect attend these sessions.
  • Great Presidents LeadThe qualities great leaders possess and how your leadership skills will impact your year of service as club president. Sharing thoughts on how to serve our members in your role as president, ideas for planning the year and tips for running club meetings.
  • The President and the Rotary Brand:  Your role as president in building a strong brand for your club. What brand is and why it is so important to your club. How brand impacts membership in your club. Sharing ideas on steps to strengthen your brand and improve the Rotary Brand Experience, resources to help you build pride for members and greater awareness of your club for your community.
  • The President and Membership: Your role as president in leading a sustainable Rotary club that serves its members as it impacts the community and the world. How you can help your club grow by supporting a positive Rotary Brand Experience. Mobilizing an effective membership committee to address both retention and attracting new members.
  • The President and The Rotary Foundation: Your role as president in engaging members with Our Rotary Foundation. Understand how the three main TRF funds work. Setting the tone for a culture of giving and active participation in Foundation projects. Sharing ideas on how to recognize and thank members in a meaningful way and how to share their stories of impact.
  • The President and Engaging Members   Sharing ideas of how to actively engage members including orientation programs, mentor programs, service projects, assessment of skills and passions and developing club leaders. How the Brand, Membership and The Rotary Foundation connection helps you create greater engagement with your members and the community.
  • Strategies for Success:  Refining and documenting your best ideas from PETS in order to maximize impact for the year ahead. Sharing thoughts of how to successfully bring your club leadership team and members into the planning process, achieving buy-in and implementing change.  Identifying how you can connect Brand, Membership and Foundation as essential elements of success for your club and how this will strengthen your club.
In addition to these classes that are attended by all President's Elect and Assistant Governors, we have Elective sessions where participants can choose from a menu of options. Elective sessions are not optional in terms of attendance; the option is which class you will attend.
The following sessions will be available:
  • Attracting and Engaging Young Professionals in Your Rotary Club: highly interactive session discussing opportunities and obstacles to attracting and engaging young professionals in Rotary.  Bring your successes, ideas, and questions to share and leave with some new insights and action steps!
  • Communicating Your Club’s Rotary Story through Video:  If a photo speaks a thousand words, video can convey a million. Whether you’re capturing a project in action or promoting your club, video is an effective tool to inform, influence and inspire. Learn how to quickly shoot and edit great-looking videos on your smartphone or tablet.  Step-by-step instructions using iPhone platform,  what kind of shots to capture, how to move the (or not move) the camera, different types of videos you can create, how to use iMovie to create an edited production, and other apps that will let you create special openings, add logos and more. 
  • Risk Management for Club Presidents:  discussion of the basics of legal, accounting and insurance issues for your Rotary Club.
  • Building, Preparing & Motivating Your Club Leadership Team:  discuss what roles you need to fill in your Rotary Club’s leadership team, how to build this team, develop, and inspire the team in the coming year.
  • Public Speaking for Rotary Club Presidents: learn how to improve your public speaking skills as a future Rotary club President.  Sharing tips on more effective presentations, discussing the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, and discovering how to address some of the fears we have about speaking in public.
  • Rotary Foundation Resources:  information, reports, videos, details of The Rotary Foundation, at your fingertips!  Discover what is available, how to find it easily, and how to put it to use to engage your members in OUR Rotary Foundation.
  • Using Rotary's New Flexibility:  discussion of how clubs have successfully  used corporate memberships, family memberships, alternative club formats, and other flexibility to better serve members and strengthen their club.
  • On Being President - Again:  Serving as your club’s president for the 2nd, 3rd…..year?  Connect with other multiple year presidents to discuss your specific opportunities and challenges, and how to get the most out of this President Elect Training Seminar experience.