Far West President-Elect Training Seminar
Dates: March 5-7, 2021
Education in the Comfort
of your Own Home
Details Updated Frequently, Check Back Often
3-Day Virtual Training Seminar for
Rotary and Rotaract Club Presidents
for the 2021-2022 Rotary year.
It's a Wrap!
Thank you all for your participation this weekend as we demonstrated (not on purpose) the lesson of "Increase the Ability to Adapt" and overcoming obstacles!
Go forth and Lead!
Your District Governor-Elect (DGE) will be providing you
with details and updates as they emerge.
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(Vendors, Projects, etc.)
OPEN from 9 AM, Friday, February 20, 2021
To 3 PM, Sunday, March 14, 2021
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PETS Presentations & Keynotes
Session Recordings:
Here are links to the four General Sessions and the Education Sessions. 
Please note that these are for Rotary use only and really only FarWEST PETS-connected Rotary.  Due to contract limitations, you may not share these on personal or club FB pages.
4-Way Test please!
"Set a Clear Vision"
"Engage in Open Communication and Coordination"
"Build A Team, Elevate Leaders to Address Details"
"Achieve Greatness During Times of Change"

NOTE: Harold Payne and Sungbong Choi have both agreed to sharing their segments with you to use for club presentations or other Rotary business during your term.  These will be shared with you in a direct e-mail.  Watch for it.